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.NET DeveloperDays is the biggest event in Central and Eastern Europe dedicated exclusively to application development on the .NET platform. It is designed for architects, developers, testers and project managers using .NET in their work and to those who want to improve their knowledge and skills in this field. The conference content is 100% English, making it easy for the international audience to attend.










Noelle LaCharite

Noelle LaCharite


Elton Stoneman

Elton Stoneman

Docker, Inc.

Gill Cleeren

Gill Cleeren


Kevin Gosse

Kevin Gosse


Christophe Nasarre

Christophe Nasarre


We are currently working on providing highly technical .NET content to our 2019 Participants. Would you like to become a Speaker at our event? If you have a wide knowledge and huge experience in creating software in .NET, please fill in the Call for Papers form!


We are doing our best to tweak the agenda. We want to make it appropriate to every Participant by building as many tracks as possible. Our sessions should meet Participants’ demands – please help us to shape the final schedule! Register early to have a real influence on agenda by voting for the proposals of sessions!


Pre-cons are full-day training sessions.
We organize pre-cons conducted as a lecture or as a hands-on workshop.

Number of seats at each pre-con is limited. Register early to avoid disappointment!

Modernizing .NET Monoliths with Docker and Kubernetes

Docker is a platform for running applications in lightweight units of compute called containers. You can run new and old apps in containers, and get increased portability, security and efficiency for your software. The platform supports the full development and deployment lifecycle - with Docker you can build, ship and run any app anywhere. Docker has had production support for containers since Windows Server 2016, and Windows containers don't need separate licensing. Migrating your apps to Docker is a great way to increase utilization in your datacenter, or to prepare for a move to the cloud with a managed Kubernetes service. When your app is running in Docker, it's easy to break features out and run them in separate containers, so you can modernize your architecture and adopt new patterns without a full microservices rewrite. In this workshop you'll use Docker on Windows Server* and learn:

    • how Docker containers work on Windows
    • how to package existing .NET apps using Docker
    • how to break features out from a monolith into separate containers
      • using event publishing to modularize the back-end of your app
      • using a reverse proxy to modularize the front end of your app
    • how to add monitoring to your containers
    • how to productionize your Docker images so legacy apps behave like new cloud-native apps
    • how to run distributed .NET applications in Docker Swarm and Kubernetes
    • how to run a full CI pipeline using Docker
* - you don't need your own Windows Server machine, you'll be provided with a VM in the cloud. You just need a Remote Desktop client so you can connect.

Elton Stoneman

I’m a Pluralsight Author, Microsoft MVP and Developer Advocate at Docker, Inc. I’ve been architecting and delivering successful solutions with Microsoft technologies since 2000, most recently Big Data and API implementations in Azure, and distributed applications with Docker. Currently I’m interested the evolution of the Microsoft stack, exploring the great opportunities to modernize existing .NET […]

Building modern web applications using .NET Core and Angular

The web has evolved. And the pace just keeps increasing. Let us spend one day together and you’ll learn how you can build an end-to-end modern application built with the most common technologies used today for web applications. Things start with a good foundation and so the first step will be an API built with ASP.NET Core. We will cover topics including the architecture of the API built with .NET Core, security, deployment using Docker and more. We’ll then use the API in a SPA architecture built with the latest version of Angular. Here you’ll also learn best practices to approach this, the architecture for this type of applications… At the end of the day, you’ll walk away with a good understanding of how you can set up modern web applications in your organization.

Gill Cleeren

Gill Cleeren is a Microsoft Regional Director, Visual Studio MVP and Pluralsight author. Gill focuses on web and mobile development and loves Xamarin. Gill is a frequent speaker at many international conferences such as TechDays, TechEd, NDC, VSLive and many more. He also is the founder of Techorama, the biggest developer conference in Belgium and […]

Effective Debugging in .NET

Studies show that 35 to 50% of the programming time is spent on debugging. Yet, this is a skill that many developers tend to neglect. In this workshop, we'll present you with a various range of debugging problems and guide you on the methodology to solve them. From the little-known features of Visual Studio to the powerful capabilities of WinDbg, we'll explore a wide variety of tools and help you pick the right one for the right situations. Outline:

  • Common debugging scenarios with Visual Studio. Tips and tricks. Little known features.
  • Performance investigations with Visual Studio and PerfView
  • Post-mortem debugging with Visual Studio and WinDbg
  • Automating live application/memory dump processing with ClrMD
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • WinDbg
  • Perfview

Christophe Nasarre

In addition to developing and shipping software on Microsoft stacks for 25+ years, Christophe Nasarre has been working as a Technical Reviewer for MSPress, Addison-Wesley and other publishing companies since 1996 on books such as “CLR via C#” and the last editions of Windows Internals. He is providing tools and insights on .NET and Windows […]

Kevin Gosse

Kevin Gosse has been using Microsoft .NET technologies for 10 years, across client, server, and mobile applications. He is currently employed at Criteo, where he works on scalability, debugging, and optimization issues.

How to Build an AI-Infused Agent for the Enterprise

In this session you will learn how to use cognitive services combined with the bot framework to create an enterprise scale intelligent agent. As a bonus for those who are are for the challenge, we will also make use of Cognitive Search to make sense of structured and unstructured data and connect the  agent to it, to deliver even more value to employees and customers.

Noelle LaCharite

Noelle LaCharite is leading Developer Experience for Cognitive Services and Cloud AI at Microsoft. She helps developers envision, build, deploy and operate intelligent apps using Azure services. She is passionate about Mindful Leadership, work-life harmony and helping people achieve more. She also specializes in helping organizations develop intelligent, conversational apps and systems of intelligence, delighting […]


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