Build the Distributed Apps of the Future Using Dapr

Build the Distributed Apps of the Future Using Dapr

Speakers: Geert van der Cruijsen & Chris van Sluijsveld



Building a distributed application is hard… As developers we want to focus on delivering business value with new features but there are so many things to also take care of on the side, especially in a distributed environment. Things as pub/sub, state management, bindings & triggers, service discovery, distributed tracing etc. Dapr tries to solve this problem by providing all of this to you so you can mix and match what pieces you want to use and also pick between many implementations of for example state management like cosmosDB, redis or dynamoDB.



Learn to build microservices using DAPR.


Topics covered:

In this workshop you’ll get hands on experience in building your own microservice based application using Dapr. You’ll learn the following features of Dapr:

  • Dapr Basics & Architecture
  • State management
  • Service discovery
  • Actor framework
  • Pub/sub
  • Distributed Tracing


Intended audience:

Distributed application developers / microservice developers.

We’ll be building the application using .Net Core, Docker & Kubernetes. Basic knowledge of Docker & Kubernetes is advised to get the most out of this workshop.


Required equipment:

Laptop able to run Kubernetes or cloud environment with a Kubernetes cluster.


Required software:

Kubernetes cluster (local using minicube or running somewhere on the cloud that you can Access).


Workshop type:




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