13 Mistakes of a Developer

Speaker: Radu Vunvulea

Level: 200

After more than a decade in the IT industry, I’ve seen and done a lot of mistakes not only from the business side but also from people and company management. This is not a session, this is a talk between IT geeks, where I will share with you funny stories of my life that could ruin or create a unicorn.

Build Single Page Applications With ASP.NET Core 3.0 and Blazor

Speaker: Marco De Sanctis

Level: 200

Blazor is Microsoft’s implementation of the WebAssembly standard and it allows you to create rich and interactive client pages, which run entirely in the browser. And you can do it using C#, the Razor markup and the skills you already have gained from your experience with ASP.NET MVC. The integration with an API layer based in ASP.NET Core brings the technology even one step further, thanks to the capability of sharing code between client and server. This talk will cover what’s availabile in Blazor today and provide you practical examples on how to create rich and interactive pages without writing a single Javascript line of code, and with a glimps on what’s coming in the near future.

Let’s Talk HTTP in .NET Core

Speaker: Steve Gordon

Level: 200

In the world of microservices (yes, there’s that buzzword again!) and distributed systems, we often find ourselves communicating over HTTP. What seems like a simple requirement can quickly become complicated! Networks aren’t reliable and services fail. Dealing with those inevitable facts and avoiding a cascading failure can be quite a challenge. In this talk, Steve will explore how we can build .NET Core applications that make HTTP requests and rely on downstream services, whilst remaining resilient and fault tolerant. This session will focus on some of the improvements which have been released in .NET Core and ASP.NET Core 2.1, such as IHttpClientFactory and the new, more performant socket-based handler. Steve will identify some HTTP anti-patterns and common mistakes and demonstrate how we can refactor existing code to use the new HttpClientFactory features. Next, Steve will demonstrate Polly; a fantastic resilience and transient fault handling library which can be used to make your applications less prone to failure. When integrated with the Microsoft HttpClientFactory; wrapping your HTTP calls in retries, timeouts and circuit-breakers has never been easier! If you’re building services which make HTTP calls, then this talk is for you!

TDD and the Terminator – An Introduction to Test Driven Development

Speaker: Layla Porter

Level: 200

One common practice to write maintainable code is to minimise repetition, often referred to as DRY or Don’t Repeat Yourself. However, have you ever considered how much you repeat yourself when you create a new .NET application? You’ve found your ideal architecture and folder structure and now every time you create a new project you have to create the file structure then add all the different project types you need. Don’t forget all those NuGet dependencies too and the boilerplate code from other projects you continually copy in. In this talk, you’ll learn the different ways you can create custom templates for .NET projects using a variety of tools, helping to reduce repetition, write better applications, apply incremental improvements, all whilst saving you time and effort.

Zero to AI Hero: A Developer’s Journey to Using Applied AI to Solve Complex Use Cases

Speaker: Noelle LaCharite

Level: 200

In this session, you will learn the available machine learning models developers can use to leverage everything from facial recognition, natural language, speech, translation, digital ink and custom forms processing. You will also learn the top problems businesses are looking to solve and how you can use these AI models to become a hero in your organization. By the end of this session you will understand the importance of responsible AI development, building for accessibility and walk away with the knowledge you need to start a new AI project, create a POC and share it with your team. This session will be infused with live demos, GitHub projects and reusable assets that will get you building AI solutions immediately.

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