Conference sessions

Below you can find the list of confirmed sessions.
There will be 33 sessions of this during .NET DeveloperDays 2021 (30 regular sessions and 3 keynotes).
If you want to see the session list with descriptions please click here.

  • Advanced testing scenarios for ASP.NET Core

  • Async streams in C#

  • Azure Functions: a guide to getting started

  • Best practices for using async and await

  • Building a microservice architecture with ASP.NET Core

  • Building intuitive command-line interfaces in .NET

  • Clean architecture with ASP.NET Core

  • Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Core. Why and How?

  • DLL Injection in Windows

  • Exploring Source Generators

  • Getting started with Kubernetes for your .NET Application

  • Go (con)figure - making sense of the .NET configuration system

  • Had I Only Known: Content Security Policy, The Right Way

  • Having fun with Generics and Abstract classes in C#

  • How I put .NET into Firebird database engine

  • Implementing async with coroutines and fibers - project Loom in C#

  • Infrastructure as Real Code - An Intro to Pulumi

  • Level-up your productivity and testing with Visual Studio 2022

  • Microservices Made Easy: Getting Started with DAPR

  • Microsoft Identity for ASP.NET Core and Blazor

  • Microsoft Q# and Azure Quantum

  • Performance with Span< T > for dummies (should I care?)

  • The top 10 best new features in C# version 6 to 9

  • What is new in .NET 6 and the future of .NET

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