Post-cons (October 26, 2023):

  • From Zero to Hero: Integration and Performance Testing in C#

    Testing is an absolute must when building reliable software. It allows us to make code changes with minimal risk and ensures that bugs or problems within our codebase are caught early before they can impact customers. It can also let us know how our application performs under pressure and we can use that information to optimize what matters. This workshop will get you started on the right track and teach you all the best practices you need to know to write clean and effective unit and integration tests in .NET with C#. It will also introduce you to the concept of performance testing and get you started testing how your applications perform when pushed to their limits.

    This second part of the workshop is going to cover the following topics:
    – Introduction to Integration testing
    – Understanding the WebApplicationFactory
    – Mocking third-party API dependencies
    – Building test-specific environments using Docker
    – Databases
    – APIs
    – Integration testing Web UI
    – Introduction to Performance testing
    – Load testing
    – Stress testing
    – Soak testing
    – Smoke testing

    Target audience and prerequisites

    This workshop is aimed at backend developers with some experience writing applications using C# and .NET.
    The workshop will not focus on .NET Framework at all.

    Equipment needed

    – Visual Studio 2022 or JetBrains Rider or VS Code
    – .NET 7
    – Docker Desktop (no need for Kubernetes to be installed)

    • Hands-On building cloud native applications using Microsoft Orleans and AKS

      Orleans is a cross-platform framework from the Microsoft Research team that helps you to build robust and scalable distributed cloud-native applications. Orleans has been around for many years and is battle-tested by a number of internal Microsoft products and teams.

      In this hands-on workshop, we will build a cloud native, distributed .NET application using the Microsoft Orleans framework. Finally, we will deploy our application to Azure cloud using AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) and ACA (Azure Container Apps).

      Bring your laptop with Visual Studio Code, Docker Desktop, and an active Azure Subscription (we will use paid services, make sure to have at least one of the following: a valid credit card OR an active MSDN subscription that will give you free credits to spend each month OR a brand new Visual Studio Dev Essentials account that provides $200 in free credits for your first month).

      • Mastering asynchronous code, threading and parallelism

        Asynchronous code is nowadays everywhere. With the proliferation in .NET it’s a tool that can be easily used to improve performance of application. It’s used in frameworks under you, so good understanding is necessity and you can also employ it in your own code to benefit even further. After this workshop you’ll understand what threading and async means in .NET and how it affects scaling and performance. You’ll be able to make proper decision in regards to performance and also spot incorrect behavior and know where it’s coming from and why it’s happening.

        Topics covered:
        * Differences between IO async code and CPU bound code.
        * Thread scheduling and scaling.
        * Properly using async code.
        * Understanding performance and scaling of async and threading.
        * How async works under the hood.
        * Basic synchronization and locking.

        Intended audience:
        Seasoned .NET developer looking for deep understanding of async and threading and performance implications.

        Required SW:
        Visual Studio/Rider/VS Code

        Workshop type:
        Lecture with hands-on labs

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