We organize full-day training sessions (pre-cons and post-cons) conducted as a lecture or as a hands-on workshop (additionally paid).


Pre-cons date: October 18, 2021 (Monday)
Post-cons date: October 21, 2021 (Thursday)

Number of seats at each pre-con and is limited. Register early to avoid disappointment!


Clean architecture with ASP.NET Core

Building a web application with ASP.NET Core is one thing, building them in a testable and maintainable way is another. Clean architecture has over the years proven to be a way to create a solid foundation for enterprise-ready applications. In this workshop, you will learn how to create a testable and maintainable API with the latest version of .NET Core.

Gill Cleeren

Jiri Cincura

Learn Entity Framework Core in 1 day

Why should I care about Entity Framework Core?
It’s very good nowadays and if you’re not considering it for your project, you’re missing out. And to consider it, you need to know it! And even if you’re using it, I bet I can show you something that you didn’t know, because the pace of new features is pretty amazing last couple of years.

Jiří Činčura


Web Application Security Bootcamp

According to a study, 9 out of 10 web applications have security vulnerabilities. However in this day and age, there is no real excuse for sites that can be easily attacked. .NET provides countermeasures against most common attacks, and modern web browsers include additional safeguards in form of HTTP headers and other security features.

Christian Wenz


Exploring Infrastructure as Code

Are you tired of spending hours upon hours of your life, manually setting up environments for your IT systems? Or do you skip that and try to make do with just a “dev” and “prod” environment because it is too much of a hassle to set up a new one? Or maybe it is too expensive to run another one? Or maybe you have given up on the idea of multiple environments and decided to just deploy to production? Continuous Delivery FTW!!!

Chris Klug & Jakob Ehn

Time schedule of Pre-cons & Post-cons :

09:00 – 13:00 | Workshop session
13:00 – 14:00 | Lunch break
14:00 – 17:00 | Workshop session